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     We are a small hobby breeder that breed companion Goldendoodles. We strive to produce a certain type, temperament and genetic soundness. As a breeder of Champion Labrador retrievers for over 25 years, our goal is the same today as it was then. Over the years, our show dogs retired and eventually crossed over the rainbow bridge. We've volunteered with several rescue organizations and ultimately ended up rescuing 3 older golden retrievers who lived out their lives; hiking, swimming and watching T.V..  As dog trainers, we had the opportunity to train many doodles. We fell in love with their sweet temperament, willingness to learn and incredible intelligence. It was when our granddaughter was able to play with one of our clients puppies, despite her allergens and asthma that stood no match to the hypoallergenic coat of this breed,


     As part of our breeding program, we DNA test all the dogs we breed. We use Embark Vet to DNA test for up to 175 genetic mutations associate with diseases in this breed or carrying their recessive traits.  This includes testing for 15 types of diseases that Goldendoodles are prone to have. Embark is a research partner of Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine. We will only breed dogs that are not effected by any of the diseases tested, as well as dogs that are low to no shedding based on testing.  

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